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Kaiyden's is a trendy neighborhood gourmet coffeeshop in a historic part of New Haven. We serve specialty hot & cold drinks (espresso, latte, chai, cappuccino), along with drip coffee to our customers.  Pour over coffee is a special delight, as are our various teas. Our baristas are professionally trained.

Enjoy the ambience of this historic area when you sit-in to enjoy your specially brewed hot or cold beverage.

In the warmer months, an outdoor area invites patrons to enjoy their purchase while taking in the sights and sound of our historic neighborhood.

Kaiyden's provides free WIFI for patrons, and the convenience of online ordering system for customers with limited time.

Drip Coffee

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Our Drip Coffee is a unique experience that's unlike any other coffee you've had! A taste that leaves a memory.

Its uniqueness reflects on how fine the ground bean is, and also the various types of  beans used; Costa Rica, Burundi, Ethiopia etc. Which gives it the unique taste and flavor.

Brewed light, medium or dark.

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